Utah County Trails

Our cities, state, and federal agencies have built hundreds of miles of trails for a variety of types of users. UVTA is building an inventory of official trails in the county and helping to further extend our network. Here are some maps of our local trails, some made by us and some from other sources.

UVTA Trail Maps

Utah County Trails: an interactive map showing all of the official trails in the county, including those managed by the federal, state, and city agencies. In the future, we plan to add a feature to this map for anyone to report a site needing trail work. Contact us if you're interested in using our GIS data.

Timpanogos Wildlife Management Area, where UVTA got its start, bringing together the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources with local trail users to legitimize over 20 miles of social trails, completing a plan in 2019.

Dry Canyon Area, a portion of the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest above Lindon, where UVTA worked with the Pleasant Grove Ranger District to legitimize several miles of social trails in 2019 and is now working to improve those trails.

Pleasant Grove Bench Area, including the Valley Vista network built by Pleasant Grove City and the National Forest above it, part of our 2019 trails plan.

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